An ode to heroes and a farewell to villains.

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Maybe I’m just too lazy to die,
What about you friend?
I’d have hung myself but I found no rope,
I’d shoot myself but I can’t afford bullets,
Never mind the gun,
I’m killing myself for sure, but with a little more class,
You see here in my right hand I have a scotch,
In my left I have a cigarette,
You see I’m killing myself,
Maybe I’m just too lazy to do it quick.

Highly Devolved

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You ever stop and think? Just stop, relax, sit down and think? I don’t mean thinking about when the next kegger is, or if your outfit matches your hair. I mean just sitting down, thinking about the world. If you ask me, and you aren’t but I don’t care, people don’t do it enough. I’m not talking about politicians or any of that shit, I don’t care at all about them. I mean just regular people. It seems every year, a new crop of “adults” are shoved into this world, and they don’t think. About anything. Don’t think about your world problems, but just think of you’re own. Focus on what you can do to make your own situation better, sure it’s selfish, but that just makes it more fun. Just think about something, read a poem, think about what it means to you. I’m not giving you starter topics. Just go off and think about something. Christ, aren’t I fucking profound.

“Rated R for Hardcore Sexual Intercourse, as opposed to Softcore Sexual Intercourse where everyone wears sweaters”

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Thats a quote from my friend Ev. I haven’t thought of it in ages but then I recently decided to start a blog. I’ve tried blogging before, I had a few LJs in my time, and met some great people. I figured I’d give it another shot, and it’s been about 3 years since the last one so I might be rusty. Anyway, When looking back at my old LJ I found the title quote. I’m still looking through now. Some of its interesting, some is embarrassing. Mostly it’s just interesting to see how my views have changed. I used to be very communist, and thought it would work, now I’m just too cynical to believe it would, and hell, I really don’t care what government is in power, we’re circling down the toilet faster and faster with every day despite how many self-righteous world savers and wannabe superheros have their live concerts, or recycle everything.  It is fun to read back and remember moments with Pri though, she is a lovely girl, and luckily I’m still with her despite rough patches.  I was a lot more naive then overall I think, probably because I was Christian. I’m sure that works out well for some people, but for me I felt it limited my world view, I believed in a lot of things that conflicted with my religion at the time, and made me very confused. Since stopping going to church, and openly embracing atheism I think I’m a much more happier soul. It seems back then I tried to educate people about music a lot, only thing is, back then I didn’t know that much about bands. I listen to a lot more music now, and it makes my posts kinda laughable. This really is quite a self indulgent post, but right now I really don’t care. I might fill this blog with things that appeal to more people than just me later on, but right now I’m finding it quite interesting looking back. It makes you think, about who you really are, and the things you do. Reflection upon oneself can be an important step in ones own growth. And that may sound like a total wank, but its true. Reflecting on your past can truly show the way of the future. Hell, thats all I have to say.