Some new poems

Just some new ones I wrote. I thought I’d put them up in case you wanted to read.

Ladys Got A Fix On Me

Ladys got a fix on me,
Feeling sad and lonesome,
Yearning to find that place I used to be,
But never finding it,
Only descending deeper on my trail,
My trial,
My exhibition and execution,
Mere moments a memory,
As the click of arthritic bones,
Lays itself out through my bed,
And forever turns my sleep,


Each man an island in their segregated stalls,
England has a coffee, no sugar,
And America has full breakfast while No Mans Land makes,
Himself a bed out of cheap leather seats,
The smell of filth creeps out of his booth and,
Into mine,
Ruining not only my appetite but my mood,
If only he would die or leave,
Either way improving on his condition,
And more importantly on mine.

~ by Ace Sunshine on September 2, 2008.

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