I’m so sick of peoples close minded attitude towards sexuality. Recently while browsing the internet I found someone stating that being bisexual was a choice and that all those people who claim they are bisexual are deviants who let sex rule their life, and want to have as much as possible. Personally I like sex, as I’m sure many of you do, I don’t let it rule my life though, so how is it that I’m bisexual? Am I merely looking for a quick thrill, something saucy to stimulate my pecker? Also, why do people think that bi people can’t commit? In response to a question about how to handle finding out their bisexual boyfriend someone suggested they ‘kick him to the curb. He could be bringing home all kinds of stds, with screwing men all the time.’ Sure some bi’s screw around, but so do a lot of straight and gay people! I’m just sick and tired of people thinking it’s something you turn on and off at will, or you can be cured of, or that it determines your entire personality. Not all blonde’s are stupid, not all black guys are in a gang, and not all bisexuals will screw around.

~ by Ace Sunshine on February 27, 2008.

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